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Note to Members:

Update to Brainard Lake Entrance using IPWA Passes : Matt Henry of the Forest Service has confirmed with the AL&L staff that IPWA volunteers are allowed to have other individuals in their car when they go into the Brainard Lake recreation area, as long as the IPWA volunteer is in uniform, has scheduled his/her hike, and will actually be performing a scheduled/official hike that day. Thank you all for helping keep our relationship with the Forest Service good.
(posted 08-15-2016)

Update on Fire Restrictions : Precipitation and cooler temperatures have enabled the Forest Service to ease restrictions in developed fee areas with permanent metal fire rings. Campfires will be allowed only in hosted campgrounds. Campfires are still prohibited everywhere else on the Boulder Ranger District. The recreational sports shooting restrictions, remain in place. Earlier this week, recreational sports shooting with an illegal exploding target caused a 700-acre fire on Pawnee National Grassland. Visit this website for more details on fire restrictions. http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/arp/news-events/?cid=FSEPRD514415
(posted 08-15-2016)

Reminder on the use of the Brainard Lake Recreation Area Pass : A reminder on the use of the pass to Brainard Lake Recreation Area from Matt Henry of the Forest Service. When using your pass please be sure that: you are on a scheduled trip for the area, you have your BLRA Pass, and you must be in uniform. When Entering Brainard Lake please: Be courteous to AL&L staff, do not cut the car line to get in and park where AL&L has instructed you to. It is important IPWA volunteers follow the same rules as the public when enjoying and helping to protect this highly used area.
(posted 08-12-2016)

Jasper Lake is Drained : Jasper Lake (a reservoir) has been drained.
(posted 08-10-2016)

Lake Isabelle is being drained. : Lake Isabelle is a reservoir and the lake water is currently draining for agricultural use to the east. The water rights are owned by a private company.
(posted 08-10-2016)

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