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Note to Volunteers:

Lost Lake No Permit Required
Just a reminder Lost Lake accessed from the Hessie Trail is not in the wilderness. No permit is required for camping and dogs are allowed off leash at Lost Lake.
(posted 07-28-2017)

Illegal camp sites: cannot touch personal belongings
Clarification: we are not legally allowed to interact with anyone's personal belongings, or to even unzip a tent. If you see someone in an illegal camp site, you may let them know the rules and request they move their site. Please notify Mary ASAP via email (marykalendovsky@fs.fed.us ) and she will attempt to contact them the next morning.
(posted 07-28-2017)

Stage 1 Fire Ban for Boulder County
A Stage 1 fire ban was issued yesterday in Boulder County. The following are some of the things prohibited:
1 Building, maintaining, attending, or using an open fire, campfire, or stove fire (including charcoal barbecues and grills);
2 Use of all fireworks;
3 Shooting or discharging firearms for recreational purposes, except for hunting with a valid and current hunting license;
For Details Visit: https://www.bouldercounty.org/news/boulder-county-enacting-stage-1-fire-restrictions/
(posted 07-03-2017)

Moose Warning
The Colorado Department of Wildlife issued an updated Moose Warning bulletin after two women got stomped in Jamestown.

(posted 06-28-2017)

Adopt-A-Lake: Additional Information for Lake Reports
Mary Kalendovsky of the Forest Service has requested more information specific to camping areas around the lakes. We have added the request for more information when volunteers are going to be observing or doing light restoration work around the lake/camp areas. You will see this when scheduling your hike and when you input your report. We hope to expand on this as the hiking season progresses, to help in getting volunteer and Forest Service resources to the areas most in need.
(posted 06-21-2017)

Watanga and Stone Lake Fires are Permitted
Around Watanga and Stone Lakes fires are permitted. Legal fire rings should be left intact in these areas.
Fires in Watanga and Stone Lake area are legal if they are more than 100 feet from a trail, lake or a stream.
(posted 06-15-2017)

IPWA Training Pre-work
Please take this amazing and FREE on-line training, “The Wilderness Act of 1964”.

To take the course copy this link in your browser http://provalenslearning.com/courses/carhart-interagency-wilderness-training-the-wilderness-act-of-1964

Then, select “Add to Cart”. From there it’s just like buying a new backpack on-line, you “proceed to checkout” and do not need to provide any credit card information as it is free. ..you will need to create an account, the course will show up in “My courses”.

I urge everyone to please take this course as it will be an invaluable resource.

Jonathan Brooks - USDA Forest Service, Wilderness and Trails Program Manager
(posted 05-14-2017)

Links to Wilderness Forest Service Rules
Brainard Lake Recreation Area Rules

Indian Peaks Rules

James Peaks Rules

Outside Wilderness Rules
(posted 05-14-2017)

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