Winter Trail Condition Report - Last 14 Days

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Date_Hiked Trailhead Start Trailhead Elevation Trail Destinations Trail Condition Trail Information
02-16-2018 East Portal 9,211 Forest Lakes Trail (TH to midway to Forest Lakes)
Completely Snow Covered Winter is finally here. The snow is fantastic on the trails in the James Peak Wilderness. We skied up to the powder stash on the slopes east of Arapaho Lakes. There was between one and two feet of fresh powder. If you have good backcountry ski gear and know how to use it you will be rewarded with some of the best snow that I have seen in years. For non skiers, I recommend snowshoes especially beyond the route junction meadow a mile up the trail. Beyond the meadow, with just boots, you will be post holing in deep snow and will be doing considerable damage to the trail surface. This trail damage could make the trail unpleasant or even dangerous for skiers, so please use skis or snowshoes up high if you can. One word of caution: with all of the new snow and with forecast high winds, the avalanche danger is higher than it has been all season. Try to avoid traveling on or below slopes of 30 degrees or higher especially near or above tree line.