Winter Trail Condition Report - Last 14 Days

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Date_Hiked Trailhead Start Trailhead Elevation Trail Destinations Trail Condition Trail Information
01-19-2021 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Devils Thumb Bypass Trail
Woodland Lake Trail (Devils Thumb jct to Woodland lake)
Woodland Lake Trail (Woodland Lake to Skyscraper)
Woodland Lake
Skyscraper Reservoir
Mostly Snow Packed Hessie TH predawn: overcast, light snow, 10F, calm. Trail to Devil's Thumb Cutoff is mixed packed snow with intermittent thin/rocky places to beware of if skiing. Boots will get you this far or to Lost Lake, but a traction device would be welcomed. Skinned up Devil's Thumb Cutoff and found good snow to ski. Snowfall stopped mid-morning leaving a fresh inch ontop of recent snowfall and base. The Woodland Lake Trail is deep and upbroken. Made it above Skyscraper Lake and turned back. Snow was becoming soft and wet in what turned into a bluebird day; all sun and just a whisper of a west breeze. Rollerballs forming on south aspects. Snow was more firm on trails in trees and a fun ride out down Woodland and Devil's Thumb. Carried skis a few times last mile before TH as sun had done its job on the fresh snow.
01-19-2021 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Brainard Lake
Waldrop (Winter Only)
Mostly Snow Packed The Waldrop trail is nicely snow packed all the way to Brainard lake. You do not need snowshoes at this time but tracks are highly recommended.
01-18-2021 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered At Brainard the snow conditions on the road and trails are just okay. Some rocks exposed and ice in places. Traction devices recommended: Skis, snowshoes, spikes.
01-15-2021 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Devils Thumb Trail (Hessie to Diamond Lake Trail Jct)
Mostly Snow Packed Trail is snow packed with some drifts. Traction devices required but snow shoes are not necessary.
01-10-2021 Camp Dick/Peaceful Valley 8,600 Beaver Creek Trail (Coney Flats TH to Buchanan Pass Trail)
Buchanan Pass Trail (Wilderness edge to Red Deer Lake jct)
Buchanan Pass Trail (Red Deer Lake jct to Beaver Creek Tr jct)
Buchanan Pass Trail (Trail head to Wilderness Sign at Middle St. Vrain 4x4 Road)
Buchanan Pass Trail (Wilderness Sign to Wilderness Boundary)
Mostly Snow Packed Predawn at Beaver Res TH: overcast, 10F, W breeze. 4WD road to Coney Flats had a few fresh inches over a base that was mostly passable but had regular thin spots; skiable but boots, snowshoes or traction devices would get you there too. Trails west into the Wilderness have good snow coverage but are unbroken. Navigation skills required as trails are lost in deep snow and drifts. Skied out Buchanan Pass Trail to Wilderness boundary where the trail was discernable on the valley floor and a fun ride. The ~4 miles from the Wilderness sign by the 4WD road to the bridge at the bottom above Camp Dick was mixed; some fun rides and a lot of rocks to dodge or scrape, along with a few carries. Sourdough Trail back up to Beaver Res was likewise mixed. Sunny, daytime high mid-20s, breezy up high. Mostly a great day, but if my skis weren't rock skis before, I believe they were turned into that today.
01-09-2021 Rainbow Lakes 10,010 Sourdough Trail - South (Winter Only)
Mostly Snow Packed Mostly snow packed but with several areas with roots and rocks showing -- skiing not recommended, but ok for snowshoes or traction devices.