Winter Trail Condition Report - Last 180 Days

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Date_Hiked Trailhead Start Trailhead Elevation Trail Destinations Trail Condition Trail Information
03-18-2020 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Devils Thumb Trail (Hessie to Diamond Lake Trail Jct)
Mostly Snow Packed Trail snow covered until wilderness boundary. Less snow in valley area. Snow shoes not required but traction devices advisable.
03-15-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Mostly Snow Packed The trails are mostly snow-packed. The road is patchy in areas.
03-15-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Mitchell Lake Trail (TH to Mitchell Lake)
Beaver Creek Trail (Beaver Creek TH to Audubon trail jct)
Mt Audubon Trail (hiked a portion of the trail)
Mt Audubon Trail (Beaver Creek Trail jct to Audubon summit)
Brainard Lake
Mt. Audbon
Mostly Snow Packed Trail conditions are great at the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. There is a lot of snow blown off the road but the trails remain snow covered. The trails up to Brainard Lake are fun and manageable for all. The hike up to Mt. Audubon was challenging but great with minimal wind today - I would only recommend this for those very experienced in winter sports.
03-14-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Waldrop (Winter Only)
St Vrain Trail - South (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered The trails around Brainard Lake are still covered in an abundant amount of snow. As is typical in mid March, warm sunny days and cold subfreezing nights have made the trails hard and icy in the morning and somewhat slushy by the afternoon.
03-14-2020 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Diamond Lake Trail (Arapaho Pass Trail Jct to Lake)
Diamond Lake
Upper Diamond Lake
Mostly Snow Packed Good conditions to start the day from Hessie up 4th of July Road. Mid 20'sF, breezy, firm base with 2+ fresh inches and scattered snow showers. A few wind-scoured spots last mile of road required carrying skis. Conditions good for hiking too. Conditions into the wilderness changed to deeper powder with 4"+ fresh over deep base; skis or snowshoes required. Trail to Diamond Lake difficult to locate and route finding/navigation skills needed. Warming into the afternoon into the mid 40's and partly sunny, snow conditions softened. 4th of July Road out early afternoon saw an increase in bare spots and soft snow that got slower for skiers coming down and punchy for hikers. Spring conditions bringing muddy spots down low.
03-12-2020 Rainbow Lakes 10,010 Rainbow Lakes
Mostly Snow Packed The Rainbow Lakes Road from the Winter Gate to the Rainbow Lakes Campground is about 70% snow packed with 3 to 4 bare sections of road. There are numerous snow drifts on the road. Snowshoes or skis are highly recommended.
03-08-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Waldrop (Winter Only)
Mostly Snow Packed The trails are mostly snowed packed and easy to follow. A little gusty at the parking lot, road, and lake and breezy in the trees.
03-08-2020 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Devils Thumb Trail (Hessie to Diamond Lake Trail Jct)
Devils Thumb Trail (Diamond Lake jct to Jasper Lake)
Jasper Lake
Storm Lake
Completely Snow Covered Weather conditions better than forecast. 30F at Hessie at dawn, breezy. Mostly sunny all day, temps reaching mid-40's.Trail completely snowcovered up to Jasper and Storm Lakes, but snow conditions variable and changing throughout the day. Early hours saw firm, packed trail conditions from Hessie to Wilderness boundary. By mid-morning the sun had turned conditions to wet and mushy, which only got worse throughout the day with rollerballs on south aspects. Shady sections near and above treeeline remained icy and called for crampons. Ski out lots of fun, but again variable and changing conditions.
03-08-2020 East Portal 9,211 Forest Lake (Lower)
Completely Snow Covered East Portal is completely snow covered starting at the trailhead. Trail conditions were icy in the morning. Traction devices such as skis, snow shoes or spikes recommended. Snow depth is currently excellent. Fast downhill conditions, be aware of fellow visitors.
03-07-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Jean Luning Trail
Pawnee Pass Trail (Long Lake TH to Lake Isabelle)
Long Lake
Brainard Lake
Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Waldrop (Winter Only)
Niwot Cutoff Trail (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered Trail conditions were great! Completely snow covered - there were places with hard-packed snow but also others with deeper snow. I definitely recommend traction devices if you're planning to hike any of the trails in the Brainard Lake area. If you decide to hike past Brainard Lake, I recommend traction devices stronger than microspikes such as snowshoes or skiis.
02-29-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Sourdough Trail - South (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered The snowshoe trail from the Brainard Winter Parking area to Brainard Lake is completely snow covered. It has been drifted over in spots, particularly near the lake. The Brainard Lake road is mostly snow covered with patches of ice. If you plan on walking the Brainard Lake road, traction devices are recommended.
02-24-2020 Camp Dick/Peaceful Valley 8,600 Buchanan Pass Trail (Wilderness edge to Red Deer Lake jct)
St Vrain Glacier Trail
Buchanan Pass Trail (Trail head to Wilderness Sign at Middle St. Vrain 4x4 Road)
Buchanan Pass Trail (Wilderness Sign to Wilderness Boundary)
Completely Snow Covered Great conditions and more snow on top of a good base. 2" fresh from last night at Camp Dick Winter TH with additional heavy snow starting at dawn. Sourdough trail south of forest road to Camp Dick Campground is in great shape. 4WD road up to bridge also good and received 4-6" through day, more up top. Limited visibility through the day, breezy, temperature dropping into single digits midmorning, cloudy, no sun. Travel slows up Middle St Vrain into Wilderness with deeper unbroken snow. Trail difficult to locate and navigation skills required. Needed to break trail twice, in and out, as heavy snowfall and drifting filled tracks quickly. 6-8" fresh into the wilderness. Road down from Camp Dick Campground to TH completely covered, even sections usually wind-scoured.
02-23-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Brainard Lake
Completely Snow Covered Snowshoe trail had excellent conditions with new powder today. The snow coverage on the road is thin in spots.
02-23-2020 East Portal 9,211 So Boulder Creek Trail (TH to Forest Lakes Junction jct)
Rogers Pass Trail (S Boulder Creek Trail jct to Ute Trail jct)
Completely Snow Covered The snow was fantastic! The higher you go, the better the snow! Even at the bottom, the gate you pass on the way in was sticking out of the snow about 4".
02-17-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Mitchell Lake Trail (TH to Mitchell Lake)
Mitchell Lake
Brainard Lake
Red Rock Lake
St Vrain Trail - South (Winter Only)
Sourdough Trail - North (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered Another wonderful day with lots of powder; maybe too much! Slow going breaking trail and not a lot of glide on the downhill sections with the 10" of fresh snow that was a little on the sticky side. Sticky enough that skins were not even used ascending from Sourdough to Mitchell Lake. Road and parking plowed between 06:00-07:00. Snow falling throughout moring, heavy at times, temp around 20F and moderate 15-20 mph west wind but pleasant in trees. Sourdough trail north out of Brainard Winter TH deep and good, as is S St Vrain trail west to Mitchell Lake TH. Deep base puts trail up into heavily loaded tree branches, making trail finding difficult at times. Snow bombs falling from trees. Impressive drifts on road below Mitchell Lake TH require a little extra effort to maneuver over/around . Snowfall ended around noon and the sun made an appearance. The track on Brainard road was well packed by snowshoers and skiers, and even hikers with only boots were able to negotiate it without apparent difficulty. Fresh snow completely covered road around Brainard Lake, even sections that are usually wind-scoured. Lots of smiles on President's Day
02-15-2020 Rainbow Lakes 10,010 Sourdough Trail - North (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered Sourdough Trail is completely covered in snow, mostly packed down but with deeper snow to post hole in on the banks of the trail - recommend wearing microspikes at the very least or going with snowshoes/skis.