Winter Trail Condition Report - Last 180 Days

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Date_Hiked Trailhead Start Trailhead Elevation Trail Destinations Trail Condition Trail Information
01-17-2020 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Woodland Lake Trail (Devils Thumb jct to Woodland lake)
Woodland Lake Trail (Woodland Lake to Skyscraper)
Woodland Lake
Skyscraper Reservoir
Completely Snow Covered Skied up to Woodland Lake from Hessie TH. Conditions good on lower section below Woodland Lake Trail; packed snow passable for boots but advise traction device. Skis or snowshoes needed by junction with Devil's Thumb Bypass Trail. Woodland Trail needed to be broken with 2-4" soft snow from this week on top of a deep base. Surprisingly pleasant morning; clear and mostly calm but becoming more overcast through the morning. Turned around at Woodland Lake at 10:00 as storm moved in with lmited visibility, high winds and deep powder. Nice ski out.
01-17-2020 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Devils Thumb Trail (Hessie to Diamond Lake Trail Jct)
Completely Snow Covered Trail is snow packed but in good condition.
01-15-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Brainard Lake
Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Mostly Snow Packed There is about 4-5 inches of new snow on all the trails and road. Watch for trail blazes because the trail can be hard to find. Snowshoes recommended due to drifting on the road. Beautiful conditions and lots of snow!
01-10-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Brainard Lake
Red Rock Lake
Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Mostly Snow Packed Trail conditions were spectacular! There is just enough snow to snowshoe and ski comfortably, but there isn't so much that you wouldn't get away with using microspikes. Snowshoe Trail is completely covered in snow and deep but hard-packed on most sections. Brainard Lake Road had plenty of snow, but there were some sections with not much accumulation so be careful there. Have fun and be safe!
01-06-2020 Camp Dick/Peaceful Valley 8,600 Buchanan Pass Trail (Wilderness edge to Red Deer Lake jct)
Red Deer Lake Trail
Red Deer Lake
Buchanan Pass Trail (Trail head to Wilderness Sign at Middle St. Vrain 4x4 Road)
Buchanan Pass Trail (Wilderness Sign to Wilderness Boundary)
Completely Snow Covered -
01-05-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Brainard Lake
Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Mostly Snow Packed Conditions were great today! Minimal wind and lots of sunshine. The snowshoe trail up to Brainard lake is in excellent condition and packed with lots of snow, we would highly recommend snowshoes for this route. We turned around at the CNC warming cabin just north of the lake and returned on the road. The upper part of the road will require equipment (snowshoes/crampons) but last 2 miles of road are well packed down and easy to traverse. Skiers at the warming hut said that the CNC ski trail was in excellent condition too.
01-05-2020 East Portal 9,211 Forest Lake (Upper)
Completely Snow Covered Loovely, great coverage. Toboggan run down from Forest Lakes, as usual.
01-04-2020 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Arapaho Pass Trail (4th of July TH to Mine site)
Completely Snow Covered The Fourth of July road from the winter gate at the Hessie Trailhead to Fourth of July Trailhead is almost completely covered with hard-packed snow. The skiing conditions are fast (it is zippy), although you will encounter some large snow drifts near the end of the road around Buckingham Campground. Note that parking at Hessie can quickly fill up on weekends. Also, the section of road from the town of Eldora to the Hessie Trailhead is extremely icy. You may have difficulties if you do not have an all wheel drive vehicle. Several cars were stuck while I was there.
01-01-2020 East Portal 9,211 So Boulder Creek Trail (TH to Forest Lakes Junction jct)
Completely Snow Covered Snow conditions are excellent in the East Portal area. Note to skiers: The ski trail 100 yards above the route junction meadow on the South Boulder Creek Trail is now open. The trees that were blocking the trail have been removed.
12-29-2019 Rainbow Lakes 10,010 Rainbow Lakes
Mostly Snow Packed If you ever need a reason to be grateful for living in Colorado, take a ski or a snow shoe on the Rainbow Lakes Road. Aside from a few wind scoured sections (which is normal), most of the route is covered in a fresh blanket of soft snow, perfect for skiing and snow shoeing. From the winter gate to the campground is about 4 miles, making this a fun out and back trip.
12-28-2019 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 King Lake Trail (Devils Thumb trail jct to King Lake)
King Lake
Betty Lake
Bob Lake
Completely Snow Covered -
12-25-2019 East Portal 9,211 So Boulder Creek Trail (TH to Forest Lakes Junction jct)
So Boulder Creek Trail (Forest Lakes Trail Jct to Crater Lake)
Completely Snow Covered The trail conditions are great in the East Portal area. Plenty of snow, so the rocks are all covered. Once you are in 2 or 3 miles, skis or snowshoes become necessary because fewer people have been in that far to pack the trail. While we were up there, it snowed an inch or two, so in addition to having a white Christmas, the trail conditions got even better.
12-23-2019 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Waldrop (Winter Only)
Mostly Snow Packed The Waldrop and North Snowshoe trails from the Gateway Trailhead to Brainard Lake are snow packed. The road around Brainard Lake is windblown and bare in several places but has good coverage on the west side of the lake.
12-22-2019 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Mitchell Lake Trail (TH to Mitchell Lake)
St Vrain Trail - South (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered Sourdough, S St Vrain and Mitchell Lake trails good and snow packed, skis or snowshoes required. Brainard road icy, snowshoes not required, traction device advised. Windswept around Brainard Lake
12-21-2019 East Portal 9,211 Crater Lake Trail
Mostly Snow Packed The South Boulder Creek and Crater Lakes Trails are completely snow covered. While the South Boulder Creek Trail is well packed out, the Crater Lakes Trail is still covered in deep snow and requires skis or snow shoes for easier passage.
12-14-2019 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Brainard Lake
Completely Snow Covered All trails in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area have recent decent fresh snow due to the storm this weekend and are completely covered. Snowshoes or skis highly recommended. Snow was somewhat wet making downhill skiing slow going.
12-07-2019 East Portal 9,211 So Boulder Creek Trail (TH to Forest Lakes Junction jct)
Completely Snow Covered South Boulder Creek Trail is completely snow covered. Excellent skiing and snowshoeing conditions.
11-29-2019 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered The trails at Brainard are in great shape due to the big storm a few days ago. We followed the snowshoe trail to the lake and returned on the snowshoe trail and the road. Plenty of snow everywhere. Hopefully, the wind tonight won't disturb the snow too much so that we can have great conditions this weekend.
11-24-2019 East Portal 9,211 Forest Lake (Lower)
Mostly Snow Packed There are a few rocky sections between the parking area and the Wilderness Boundary on the South Boulder Creek Trail and also on the first 1/4 mile of the Forest Lake Trail. Otherwise, the trail is snow packed, and all of the skiers I encountered looked very happy. Conditions are fast right now . Be careful of stumps and logs, particularly up near Forest Lakes. These obstacles are not completely covered yet.