Winter Trail Condition Report - Last 28 Days

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Date_Hiked Trailhead Start Trailhead Elevation Trail Destinations Trail Condition Trail Information
02-17-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Mitchell Lake Trail (TH to Mitchell Lake)
Mitchell Lake
Brainard Lake
Red Rock Lake
St Vrain Trail - South (Winter Only)
Sourdough Trail - North (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered Another wonderful day with lots of powder; maybe too much! Slow going breaking trail and not a lot of glide on the downhill sections with the 10" of fresh snow that was a little on the sticky side. Sticky enough that skins were not even used ascending from Sourdough to Mitchell Lake. Road and parking plowed between 06:00-07:00. Snow falling throughout moring, heavy at times, temp around 20F and moderate 15-20 mph west wind but pleasant in trees. Sourdough trail north out of Brainard Winter TH deep and good, as is S St Vrain trail west to Mitchell Lake TH. Deep base puts trail up into heavily loaded tree branches, making trail finding difficult at times. Snow bombs falling from trees. Impressive drifts on road below Mitchell Lake TH require a little extra effort to maneuver over/around . Snowfall ended around noon and the sun made an appearance. The track on Brainard road was well packed by snowshoers and skiers, and even hikers with only boots were able to negotiate it without apparent difficulty. Fresh snow completely covered road around Brainard Lake, even sections that are usually wind-scoured. Lots of smiles on President's Day
02-15-2020 Rainbow Lakes 10,010 Sourdough Trail - North (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered Sourdough Trail is completely covered in snow, mostly packed down but with deeper snow to post hole in on the banks of the trail - recommend wearing microspikes at the very least or going with snowshoes/skis.
02-09-2020 Rainbow Lakes 10,010 Sourdough Trail - South (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered I skied from the South Sourdough Trailhead to about 2 miles past the Peace Bridge. Even though it was a Sunday, there was plenty of fresh snow for everyone and even the opportunity to break tracks past the Peace Bridge. The snowfall over the past several days has left this trail in great condition. Everyone I met was smiling, even the dogs!
02-08-2020 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Devils Thumb Bypass Trail
Lost Lake
Completely Snow Covered Departed Hessie TH at 08:00 with 18" fresh powder on trail. Road to TH freshly plowed and all parking open. Very slow going on skis in deep snow. Eldora resort was turning away riders due to capacity issues, some showed up at Hessie w/o skis or snowshoes, struggled and turned around. Nordic skis w/o skins likewise struggled and didn't get far. Snowshoes and Nordic skis with skins was the proper mode of transport in these amazing conditions. Breezy and warming. Mostly sunny, snow began to soften later in AM.
02-02-2020 Hessie Trailhead 9,000 Arapaho Pass Trail (4th of July TH to Mine site)
4th of July Mine
Mostly Snow Packed 4th of July road from Hessie TH to Wilderness boundary at 4th of July TH was packed, firm snow in early morning hours. Mostly all covered with a few bald spots near the top that required carrying skis 2-3 times for short distances. Trail passable in boots, but a traction device might be helpful in firm conditions. Trail into wilderness unbroken, deep and rotten; pretty much impassable. Return trip out on 4th of July road was fast to start but slowed as the sun began warming the surface to soft mush in late morning. Slow but still fun.
02-02-2020 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 10,525 Brainard Lake
Snowshoe Trail (Winter Only)
Completely Snow Covered The snowshoe trail is hardpacked along its entire length. Brainard Lake was not completely frozen.
01-26-2020 Camp Dick/Peaceful Valley 8,600 Beaver Creek Trail (Coney Flats TH to Audubon trail jct)
Coney Creek Trail
Coney Lake
Upper Coney Lake
Completely Snow Covered Good ski conditions from Beaver Reservoir to Coney Flats. Good base with light powder from last recent days. Some windswept rocky areas at Coney Flats. Trail up Coney Creek is unbroken, deep in spots and wind drifted and difficult to locate trail. Very windy at Coney Lake, limited visibility.